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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Window Magic Helps In Staying Closer To The Nature

uPVC Windows and Doors
Living in big cities and in between tall buildings, we tend to forget our responsibilities towards nature. Understanding this and to bring green into the urban cities, many architects and builders have started building properties, which are green certified and use features that compliment eco-friendly constructions. In regard to this the builders use uPVC windows and doors in construction.

In India, the situation is alarming as almost 75 percent of trees are cut for making doors, windows and furniture. The practice of using uPVC doors and windows has emerged as solution for the situation. As this will help bring harmony between humanity and nature so that both humanity and nature are able to thrive.

Apart from being an eco-friendly material, there are many other benefits of uPVC doors and windows including,

· These uPVC windows and Doors are energy efficient, as it has good insulation properties

· uPVC offers perfect insulation against the outside heat, resulting in lower energy consumption.

· uPVC can also be recycled and renewed for further production.

· uPVC windows and doors can be fully recycled either at the time when one goes for a renovation or at the end of the lifecycle period of the profile

· They are very durable and ultraviolet resistant, sound & dust proof

· uPVC windows are fire retardant and fulfill class 1 fire resistance and have a long life and low maintenance

Understanding this, window magic – the initial introducer of uPVC to India offers a wide range of uPVC doors and windows to the customers, fulfilling their customized designing need. Window magic is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC doors and windows and offers profiles that are designed as per Indian tropical conditions and are extruded and tested. The company manufacture windows, taking into account the cost, strength, beauty, precision and ecology.

Monday, 28 August 2017

The new tax regime will boost the uPVC market in India

uPVC Windows And Doors
With the introduction of new indirect tax regime (GST) in the country, the analysts and experts are busy in creating the list of gainers and losers. One such group of manufacturers who are in the winners list is uPVC windows and uPVC doors manufacturers. uPVC and PVC doors and window manufacturers are expected to be a major beneficiary by the implementation of the GST, as they are spared from peak slab of tax of 28%.
As per the decided tax rates, rate applicable on PVC sheets for doors and windows is 18%, whereas, the rate applicable for aluminum sheets will attract peak rate of 28%. This will make aluminum doors and windows costlier as compare to uPVC doors.
The market size for windows and doors is approximately Rs. 15000 crore in India, with the predominant material of constructions being Timber, MS and Aluminum. Though uPVC windows and doors are slowly emerging in India, yet the tax rate benefits under the new GST is sure to help the product capture a larger market in the future.
New tax regime has surely come up as a blessing for uPVC Doors suppliers like Window Magic. Window Magic is one of the leading uPVC window manufacturers in India that offers a wide range of customized doors and windows. The company is the initial introducer of uPVC in India and with the help of professional experts offers customized products to the customers.
So, the customized products of Window Magic and the new tax regime will surely boost the uPVC market and will bring the change in structural look of architecture.  

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Benefits of uPVC Doors

upvc windows and doors suppliers

uPVC doors are quickly becoming the material of choice for houses and architecture in India. uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and it’s a type of chemical that is rigid, and durable and came out as best great substitute to timber and wood doors.

Timber or wooden windows and door frames generally requires a lot of maintenance. They need to get polishes and painted at regular intervals. On the other hand, uPVC doors requires next to no maintenance. All you need is to wipe down the door with a damp cloth and some soapy water.

Durability in the Face of Extreme Weather
The hot sun, rain and wind can fade timber doors quickly. Whereas, uPVC is quite a durable material that will easily stand up even to extreme climate condition of India.

uPVC Won’t Rot
Seeking to the weather condition, one of the major issues that timber frames often face is rot, whereas, uPVC won’t rot and could last for years.

Wind Resistant
Timber window and door frames tend to rattle the moment a high wind hits your home, but uPVC won’t. uPVC is wind resistant, and will stay still in a high wind.

Another major benefit of uPVC is that it is an eco-friendly material. It requires very little energy to produce and it is 100% recyclable, whereas, timber comes from trees, which are responsible for cleaning our environment.

Timber is a potential feast for termites and other wood-loving bugs. With uPVC, you won’t be making any calls to the pest removal company!
So after knowing the benefits of uPVC doors, if you are planning to replace your timber and wooden doors then window magic is the place for you, as the company is the leading upvc windows and doors suppliers in India. The uPVC door manufacturer offers a wide range to cater the customized need of the customers.

Protect Your Family with Insect Screen Windows

uPVC windows in Bangalore
Living with family is always a blessing. You feel fortunate to live with your children and loved ones. Although you constantly care about their wellbeing, yet it gets difficult in keeping a track of their health even while you are at home. This happens due to the infestation of insects and bugs during monsoon season. And eradicating them all at once requires time and energy. However, if you put down the shutters of the window to insects from coming in, you would feel uncomfortable because of the humidity and fresh sunlight is highly necessary for rejuvenation.

Understanding this, Window Magic uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore offers wide range of window casements with insect screen including,

Lat Double & Lat Single

The Lat Double & Lat Single Mesh system allows a wider view of beautiful scenery ensuring 100% sealing of insects. The window allows proper ventilation, with good amount of sunlight and takes least space on the side while stacked. The mesh comes with features like water resistant, dust resistant and can be washed or cleaned.

Vert Spring Mesh

This mesh is the most unobtrusive system among the mesh available in India. The mesh is so well designed that it gives the feeling as if there is no mesh present between outdoor and indoor. Yet the sealing provided by this system is 100% and it keeps the insects out very effectively. Vert Spring Mesh System is best suited for small casement windows, ventilators, kitchen windows and bathroom windows.

Apart from these mesh, which help you to get rid of insects, Window Magic offers wide range of customized uPVC windows in Bangalore catering to your needs. So, if you are looking for uPVC windows and uPVC doors Bangalore, then Window Magic is the place for you.

Monday, 17 July 2017

With uPVC Technology, Let Your Doors Define Class

uPVC Windows India
The most important element of a house is a door as the security of a house depends on it. First thing when anyone visits your place, they see your door. So every house owner wants and tries to create the first impression with their front door.

Understanding this, Window Magic - the initial introducer of uPVC to India, offers a wide range of customized uPVC doors to the customers. These doors not just fulfill the security needs but also add elegance and charm to homes.

Window Magic has given the fenestration industry an innovative flip from the traditional sliding ones to lift n slide windows and doors. The products by the company are designed for larger openings to have an unobstructed view of skies and stars in your rooms. These doors are fully protected against dust, water and air.

uPVC windows and doors suppliers offers doors that matches all kinds of interiors. You can choose the colour and its type from its wide range including the French door, Sliding door, Folding door, Tilt and Slide, Lift and slide based on your preference.

Window Magic - the leading uPVC doors Manufacturers in India, with the help of high precision engineering makes the windows and doors virtually impenetrable, meeting top of the industrial standards. In addition to this, they offer effective protection from weather, UV radiations and burglary.

Products of Window Magic follow similar stringent manufacturing process and are crafted with the latest national and international standards of quality. Although they are already known for the rigidity and durability, yet they have made another milestone by strengthening the doors with galvanized steel that enhances the safety and security of the products.

So, if you are looking for doors for your new house then just go through the wide range of upvc windows India offered by Window Magic. We bet you just can’t ignore them.

Friday, 30 June 2017

With tilt and turn windows turn around the interior of your house

If you want to renovate and improve your home but do not know the best way to go about it, then you can put your trust on uPVC windows and doors, as it is your best bet! It is eco-friendly, rust and corrosion resistant and, thus, lasts for very long time. uPVC products are truly the revolutionary innovation by man in the field of architecture. That’s why top architects assure for a revolutionary product known as the uPVC technology.

Why uPVC?

uPVC stands for Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This is very economical and easy to produce, as compared to other material like timber. Apart from this uPVC is eco-friendly and helps in preventing deforestation by reducing the use of wood and timber for producing windows and doors.

Seeking the benefits, Window Magic, the initial introducer of uPVC India offers a wide range of uPVC doors and windows that offer several advantages over wood and other materials. These advantages include heat resistant, weather resistant, noise resistant, recyclable, cost effective and low maintenance.

Window Magic deals in number of uPVC products, including sliding windows, top hung windows, French windows, tilt and turn windows and more. Among all, tilt and turn window is the best-selling window, as it provides a practical way to save energy in buildings.

Ideal for modern homes, these windows are gaining a huge demand as thay are quite innovative in their designs. Just by turning the handle of upvc windows India, you can open the top for secure ventilation and by twisting back the handle again window will swing inward on its side hinges for easy cleaning.

So, if you are looking to renovate your house and planning to give a new look at a reasonable cost then Window Magic is the place for you.

Perfect Home Solutions with uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC doors and window are gradually becoming the choice for achieving economic and environmental balance, as the natural resources are declining at a fast rate and traditional products are becoming more expensive. Moreover, the requirement of building material is increasing day by day, further increasing the demand for uPVC doors and windows. Taking a note on this, Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), by bureau of energy efficiency, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, has also recommended using energy saving uPVC windows for Indian construction, as these windows and doors are easy to install and best suited for all weather conditions. Apart from these, uPVC doors and windows are also easy to install and fabricate.

Another reason for the increasing demand of uPVC is because it is thermoplastic – that means it loses its shape when heated and then become rigid when cools down. That helps the uPVC to shape in countless form. Unlike aluminum, uPVC never flakes, fades, peels or corrodes and it has minimal impact on environment as it is recyclable.

Today, there are more than 200 uPVC windows and doors suppliers in India. Windows Magic upvc doors and windows manufacturers in Bangalore provide you with the customized uPVC doors and windows, catering the need of the customer without compromising with quality.

As the monsoon is going to hit the city in coming days, uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore witnesses a great demand for their products. These products enable you to get rid of all the worries related to furniture during the monsoon showers as these doors and windows are water and termite proof.

Apart from this, all the products manufactured by window magic follow similar stringent manufacturing process and are compliant with latest national and international standards of quality. So if you are looking for uPVC doors and windows in Bangalore then Window Magic is the place for you.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Enhance the beautification of your house with Window Magic

Window Magic has pioneered uPVC windows and doors in India with world class technology. We have a unique way of customizing the endless urges of customers. Being largest uPVC windows manufacturers in Chennai, we are wholly dedicated to bring the latest in advancement technology and apply to the changing times in the production of uPVC doors and windows. We manufacture and supply a complete collection of uPVC doors and windows at competitive prices.

Our uPVC products are long lasting and beneficial..

Our uPVC products can endure all weather conditions irrespective of the region where you live. Unlike to any other traditional windows, uPVC windows in Chennai are intricately crafted to bar sounds that restrict sound pollution and make your home feel like an absolute bliss. These windows and doors are capable enough to replace an entire wall to suit your fancies and are highly customized to suit every home in its elegance.

No match for Window Magic.

There are several uPVC windows dealers in Chennai but Window Magic has perfection in production of high quality uPVC doors and windows. High quality goods are made by combining quality raw materials and latest production techniques with a specialized and experienced team in a well-organized facility. All products are made up from a special mixture formed by adding components increasing strength against strokes, color pigments, stabilizers and filling materials into PVC raw material obtained by polymerization of vinylchlorine monomer. It is advisable that a person should install uPVC doors and windows to upgrade themselves as the requirement of time.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Make your house ultra-modern with Window Magic

Rise in new housing construction activities (especially of high-end segment) is driving the demand for uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) windows in India. Besides being highly durable thermal, water and wind-resistant, uPVC windows are energy efficient potentially saving energy up to 25 percent to 30 percent.

Types of uPVC Windows

Window Magic is a leading uPVC windows manufacturer that provides a wide range of uPVC windows such as:

· Casement windows: Casement windows swing open like a door to provide superior ventilation and easy operation. These windows are appropriate for many home styles, Casements shut tightly and provide a firm, lasting seal and one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any window style.

· Sliding windows: With a gentle push, sliding windows glide open sideways with the help of rollers, offering easy access to the beauty outside. Window Magic’s sliding windows are best suited for apartments, villas and offices.

· Tilt and turn windows: Tilt and turn windows come with distinctive features. A person can swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash for room ventilation. Tilt and turn windows are great if you want extra ventilation or space for your room.

Why to choose uPVC Windows.

uPVC windows come with numerous advantages such as these windows are stable and easy to clean plus it doesn’t rots or fades. Apart from these qualities uPVC windows and doors are maintenance free and time saving. So, it will be a wise decision if you opt for uPVC doors and windows for you newly purchased house.