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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Windows and doors aren’t just accessories for a room but also elevate the entire look of a room if used rightly. uPVC windows and doors have gained popularity over the years for their aesthetic appeal and high durability.

Window Magic, being a leading uPVC windows manufacturers in Bangalore, offers high quality uPVC windows and doors to add the every bit of elegance to your homes and offices. With their years of experience & expertise, they provide a range of state-of-the-art windows and doors, profile lamination in various colors, insect screen and glass solutions. Their wide range of products include casement windows & doors, tilt & turn windows, sliding windows & doors, designer window, conservatory and lift & slide doors. With their enhanced production capabilities, they have managed to establish a strong loyalty among a vast customer base across the nation. Some of their notable products include Vert Spring Windows, Plisse Double Window, Lat Single Window and Lat Double Window.

Window Magic not only believes in serving their customers well but also create an everlasting bond with them. Their hassle free service and quality products never fail to leave an indelible impression. All Window Magic products undergo stringent manufacturing process and are compliant with the latest national and international standards of quality. uPVC products are strengthened with galvanized steel that enhances their safety and security So if you have been looking for upvc manufacturers in Bangalore, rely on Window Magic. Get your uPVC door and window products and accessories soon. To know more related to the products and the services offered by Window Magic, visit their website at or call them at 1800-180-5656.

Monday, 24 October 2016


Window Magic, a leading uPVC windows and doors manufacturer, has set new standards in the uPVC industry. The company manufactures windows and doors, profile lamination in various colors and style, insect screen and glass solutions. They have a wide line of products such as casement windows & doors, tilt & turn windows, sliding windows & doors, designer window, conservatory, and lift & slide doors. Window Magic windows and doors offer the right blend of style and grace along with high-end quality. Whether it’s a residential space or an office, Window magic products can cater to all your needs. The company also offers installation services by well trained and experienced staff to avoid any inconsistencies.

Window Magic is in association with the JV group and is in collaboration with the Profine group of Germany. Vert Spring Windows, Plisse Double Window, Lat Single and Double Window are some of the notable products offered by the company. The products are available at an affordable price. The uPVC material holds many advantages over other materials such as aluminum and wood. The uPVC windows are unaffected by weather and temperature. They provide efficient thermal insulation so that there is a minimum heat loss in winters and reduced heat gain in summers. They are also resistant to corrosion, bacteria and rot.

One more quality that sets apart Window Magic uPVC doors and windows products is that they don’t need regular maintenance and continue to have the same look and feel after years. A simple wipe once in a while does the job perfectly. They also possess good sound dampening properties

With so many merits, Window Magic products not only elevate the look of your d├ęcor but also make for a good purchase!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

uPVC Doors And Windows Casted With Technique And Care

uPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is an inflexible, synthetically treated form of PVC, mostly used for door and window frames and other architectural structures. These products are used for creating safe, secure and premium quality windows and doors. uPVC materials are created from sections of profile which are attached together along with glass fittings to bring out the shape of windows and doors.

uPVC doors and windows are formed by melting PVC profiles and running them through a precision die. The material is then cooled down immediately and cut to length according to the flatness, the squareness and the straightness of the profile. Windows and doors are characterized and fabricated from the pieces which are cut for the profile. These pieces are then connected together using welding or t-joint connectors. This results in an outstanding performance by the uPVC products.

Window Magic is one of the prominent uPVC windows and doors manufacturers in India with the competence and the proficiency for more than a decade. Profine Group of Germany and their brand Kommerling are their technology partners and they have, in collaboration, created state-of-the-art technologies and manufactured windows and doors, profile laminations in various colours, insect screens and glass solutions. Window Magic is also regarded as double door manufacturers because of the wide range of double door facilities that they offer.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Various Options of uPVC Doors and Windows

uPVC Windows
Window Magic, as we all know, is amongst the initial introducers of uPVC products such as windows and doors in India. Not only are they known for manufacturing doors and windows but they also work on producing partitions and frames for glass fabrications, keeping the environment friendly methods in mind.

The products that they offer include a variety of options such as casement and sliding for uPVC doors and windows, premium quality lift & slide and slide & fold setups, conservatory options and various colour and glass options to make the room look colourful and bright. Window Magic also provides with various other individual uPVC windows options such as tilt and turn windows, designer windows in the temple, arch, corner and bay styles and some screen options such as lat double & lat single, vert spring and pilsse double.

Some details about the casement and sliding options for the uPVC doors and windows provided by Window Magic are as follows:-

Casement for windows include options such as fixed windows, casement windows, top hung windows and French windows. Casement for doors are not provided with much of an option except for the one variety which is enough to add some charm and beauty to your room.

Sliding options for doors and windows are of the conventional and authentic designs. Crafted in contemporary styles, these designs deal with using it by pushing it horizontally, which opens your view to the outside world.

If you are interested in investing in uPVC doors and windows, then visit Window Magic at or call them for more details at 1800 180 5656.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Window Magic’s exclusive uPVC sliding windows

Window Magic, initiated in the year 2002, is a segment of Window Magic India Pvt. Ltd. hereto before known as Ramtex Overseas Pvt. Ltd which is a chunk of the JV Group. It has appeared from collusion with the Profine Group of Germany which, supposedly, is the greatest manufacturer of UPVC profiles in the world, functioning under the name of the brand Kommerling. With years of experience in this field, we have accomplished in constructing a wide range of modern and unique technologies to create uPVC doors and windows.

Our wide range of products include all kinds of uPVC doors such as casement door, conservatory door, lift & slide doors and sliding door and uPVC windows such as casement window, sliding window, tilt and turn window, designer window, vertical spring windows, plisse double window, lat single window and lat double window. Today, Window Magic is one of the largest producers of uPVC sliding windows in and around the country.

Our impeccable pile of uPVC sliding window would surely add panache to your home. Designed in the most modern style to meet your requirements and preferences, our sliding windows would be the most dignified choice for your home decoration. With the upgraded features in our product which include more candour, architectural enhancement and handiness, sliding uPVC windows are made keeping the varied preferences of our varied customers in mind. These windows are space economical and are well suited for areas like interior partitions, cubicles and balconies.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

uPVC Door and Windows made of Optimum Quality

There has been a sudden rise in the demand for uPVC products among the customers as these materials are stronger and are more durable than the wooden and aluminium ones. But there is still some consideration which needs to be taken care off before making any decision. To get hold of premium uPVC doors and windows, selection of the right uPVC product is important. One must learn more about the way they are built and manufactured.

The features of best quality uPVC doors and windows made of uPVC German quality materials are as follows:

· Products should meet the International standards and should be strictly inspected and passed through various tests to ensure quality. It must also be free from hazardous substances like lead.

· The uPVC materials must also meet the weather conditions of India i.e. it must have the titanium dioxide which provides with the UV stability. Titanium protect the doors and windows from getting discoloured or destroyed by the harsh weather.

· While reinforcing the structures, special care should be taken. Windows and doors should be well equipped with the correct reinforcement. It should be seen that mullion strengtheners and accessories, especially locking system are checked beforehand.

· Checking the warranty and certificate of a product is a must. Premium quality products have a proof of all their tested profiles in the form a warranty certificate.

Window Magic India has an ideal collection of German quality uPVC doors and windows which keeps your home hygienic and free from the dust, wind and bacteria. They also require no virtual maintenance and offers excellent safety with highly advanced multipoint locking systems.

For more information regarding high quality uPVC products, contact Window Magic at 1800-180-5656.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bangalore Experiencing an Expansion of uPVC Door and Window Manufacturers

Who doesn’t want their personal and professional space to be a reflection of their choice and uniqueness. It largely depends upon how you design the interiors and exteriors of a residential as well as a corporate set up. uPVC doors and windows does solve your problems to some extent. These are maintenance free sliding doors and windows which are wind, moisture and fire resistant, thermally insulated and guarantee a long-lasting life.

It has been proved that uPVC materials are comparatively strong and provide more security than those wooden and aluminium structures. This has resulted in a sudden rise in the demand of uPVC products among the customers. Bangalore is witnessing a lot of upgradation in the case of the sale of uPVC product. uPVC doors and window manufacturers in Bangalore are growing in leaps and bounds.

An army of manufacturers has started manufacturing uPVC windows in Bangalore. They are leading the crowd to revamp the look of their houses and offices in a cheap and innovative way. Window Magic is one such manufacturer who deals in producing uPVC materials for your houses. It is one of the leading uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore. They also deal in manufacturing decorous sliding doors. Window Magic has time and again proved itself by delivering expertise and exceptional services and has always received exceptional response from its customers.

For more details regarding installation of uPVC windows and door, please visit or contact Window Magic at 1800 180 5656.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Window Magic India Providing top class uPVC windows in Bangalore

uPVC Windows Bangalore
Being one the top uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in Bangalore, Window Magic is one of the first introducers of uPVC to India. At Window Magic India, we understand the priority of environment conservation and preservation and are committed to fulfilling the paramount necessities at every step of our activities which includes the use of uPVC materials, too. With our production of a wide range of uPVC products such as uPVC doors, uPVC windows, partitions and frames for glass fabrications, we thrust the edges of technology to design effective and visually appealing products without compromising on their quality.

Window Magic India, one of the finest uPVC windows manufacturers in Bangalore, designs uPVC windows which are the ideal choice for those who long for an endless stream of light and a crystal view of the outdoors but cannot do so due to the dryness and dusts present in their area. Window Magic produces the best uPVC windows in Bangalore which let ample amount of natural light into the house thereby, saving on your energy bills by minimizing your need to use electric lights during day time.

Additionally, these uPVC windows gives makes a small room appear wider and larger. It ensures that that the room temperature remains as it remains in rooms that are climate controlled. Our uPVC windows along with the presence of our experts and their suggestions can make your home appear to be a dream home.

For further information, please visit

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Window Magic The Perfect uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Delhi

Window Magic is one the initial uPVC window manufacturers in India. We provide both uPVC doors and uPVC windows in Delhi. Our aim is at providing the best uPVC products to our customers, which are both stylish as well as durable. Keeping the up-to-date trends in mind; we do not compromise on the quality of our products.

Our products are customized according to the variety of our clientele. We make sure we supply you with the safest uPVC windows in Delhi.

We are known to be one of the most famous uPVC window dealers in India. Our variety of uPVC windows include Fixed Windows, Casement Windows, Top Hung Windows, French Windows, Sliding Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows and lot more designer windows. Our windows are manufactured to prevent dust and heat from entering your home. Our windows keep the temperature of your home balanced according to the climate outside. They protect you from both dust and rain. We have always kept the safety of our customers on the forefront. Our uPVC windows are manufactured with the highest technicality which will help in safeguarding you. Our windows are guarded with the system of multipoint locking, strong hinges, laminated safety glasses etc. making you feel really safe and secure.

Our windows allow the natural light to enter through them which would prevent you from using electric lights during day time and help save your electricity bill to a great extent. So, do not think twice and get your house decorated with the trendiest and the most eco-friendly windows today!

For further information uPVC window dealers, Window Magic please visit

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Window Magic: The Best Quality uPVC Doors & Windows

upvc doors and windows
Window Magic is one of the initial introducers of uPVC in India. It aims at providing the most environment friendly doors and windows to its clientele which are both economical and appealing to look at. Keeping the technicalities in mind, we do not compromise either on the looks or on the quality of products. We believe in manufacturing the best uPVC doors and windows for our customers using the trendiest technologies. We accommodate both style and technology together into our products.

Our horde of products consists of multiple uPVC doors and uPVC windows. The two kinds of uPVC doors that we trade in are Casement Doors and Sliding Doors. Our casement doors are both appealing and safe and secure. They add glamour and beauty to your home and would provide safety to your home through its various functions like multipoint locking, strong hinges, etc. Our sliding doors are usable for homes which have a very limited space. These doors are both weather and sound proof. They would provide you with better safety and security and are best at style and performance giving you a smooth experience.

Our range of uPVC windows is a complete range of designer and premium windows. Each door provides both safety and beauty to our clients. They are weather resistant and keep the temperate of your room in control according to the climate. They would protect you from rain, wind and dust and keep the natural light coming in. Our uPVC windows are the best solution when it comes to energy saving technique.